As the Village of Catskill celebrates 200 years, the following articles provide unique facts about the Village's history.

Looking Back: 200 Years of American Growth
Advocating for the Arts
Community Foundation: Faith and Citizenship at the Cornerstone
Old Money, New Money: Banking Goes Local to Global
Growing Greene: County Legislature Fueling Growth
Village Supplies for Home Needs, Then and Now
Where Rip Slept and Cole Painted
Catskill Air: The Healthy Choice

Artist Corner: Enrico Scull

The cover of the 2009 Business and Community Directory was designed by Enrico Scull as a poster for the I Love New York Fall Festival of Discovery in 1986. An original of the poster hangs in the chamber office and it seemed an appropriate piece of artwork to use for our directory in celebration of the 400th year of discovery of the Hudson River. Rico agreed and redesigned it to fit out needs. He will also be creating a cat for Cat’n Around Catskill 2009 using the same theme.
Enrico Scull is a graphic designer, painter and musician who has made Catskill, NY his home since the late seventies. That was a time when the area was waking up from a long “Van Winkle” and as it awoke it rediscovered the arts of Cole and Church and the Greene County Council on the Arts was born. As a graduate of Cooper Union in NYC and a Peace Corps volunteer in the foreign tourism trade, Enrico brings a lot of creative solutions to the Heart of Catskill Association.
Along with his wife, Elaine, Enrico was president and creative designer of Hudson River Graphics, a five person studio they ran for thirty years. During that time the firm garnered over 21 awards for tourism promotion and graphics excellence. The firm produced posters, brochures, magazines, videos and radio advertising and was often imitated but never equaled. Enrico continues to create brochures and design solutions for a select clientele.

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